Annotation Services

white book page on black textile
white book page on black textile

We offer expert manual data annotation services for several languages including English, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, French and Chinese to both individuals and to businesses.

We have a professional team of annotators with extensive linguistic knowledge and experience, trained to provide top-quality manual annotation and produce training data for building tools and quality evaluation.

We can also accommodate your special requirements and can deliver on time. 

We carefully select our annotators to offer you service of high quality.

We provide professional human annotation services, with technologies to support their work only.

We ensure our highest of standards are preserved through their creativity and extensive experience.

We use the best-qualified annotators to deliver a professional transcreation of your texts and ideas.

We provide professional annotation services, round the clock.

Confidentiality and privacy are our priority.

We adhere to the highest standards regarding data security and confidentiality.

We deliver on time.

(not machine generated, checked by lesser qualified personnel).

unknown persons using computer indoors
unknown persons using computer indoors

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Our services lead the way in finding the best solutions and support for your studies and provide innovative and effective training solutions and language services. Your success is our top priority and we will be with you on every step of your journey. Call us now and talk to our team.