A group of friends at a coffee shop
A group of friends at a coffee shop

Our Team

We have a team of qualified professionals, with proven experience in their respective fields, holding Masters and PhD degrees, enthusiastic about providing you with the best learning and work experience.

APC seeks to offer a distinguished model in the field of training, student services and language services, benefiting from the wide knowledge and extensive experience of its specialised and professional trainers, lecturers and linguists.

We have experience working in leading international/multinational institutions, both in the private and public sectors, in the United Kingdom and in other European and Arabic-speaking countries.

Dr Khetam Al Sharou
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Khetam is the founder and CEO of Al-Majd Pathways Centre. She has extensive experience working and leading training centres, previously Ishraqat Arabia Center in Jordan and Manchester Training Centre in the UK. Khetam is a researcher, educator and translator who believes in the power of education in advancing our career and allowing us to reach the top of every hill we climb. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies (University College, London) and an MSc in Translation and Computer Assisted Translation Tools (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh). Previously, she has held research and teaching positions at various universities in the UK (UCL, LSE, Surrey), Belgium (University of Antwerp), and Syria (University of Damascus) and collaborated with academic and non-academic partners. Her work includes human-machine interaction and their wider applications, translation technology, translation pedagogy, didactics in Higher Education, and intercultural communication and training in healthcare. In particular, she is passionate about employing her expertise in education, language and translation to offer first-class and appealing services to enhance clients’ experiences and meet their needs and expectations. Khetam is a public speaker who has given invited talks at national and international events, inspiring new generations of researchers, educators and students with her work.

Dr Khouloud Boukhris

Product Quality Manager

Khouloud has an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, and is currently conducting her PhD studies in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom. As a Product Quality Manager, Khouloud supervises the production process to ensure our services are in line with the client's requirements and meet consistent high-quality standards. She employs her background in education, languages and English teaching to inform our services on a strong academic and practical basis, along with her knowledge and experience of the UK education system, to make your journey with us smooth, hassle-free and fruitful. She also has practical experience teaching ESOL and linguistics to students in Tunisia and the UK.

Khadidja is a leading Training Design Consultant with extensive experience and track record in designing courses, delivery and assessment at Higher Education levels. Khadidja supervises the crafting and delivery of our training courses, applying best educational practices in face-to-face, online and hybrid teaching to ensure that our courses address your needs while offering you a fruitful and enjoyable experience. Khadidja is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Before joining Heriot-Watt University as Assistant Professor, Khadidja worked at several universities in the UK and North Africa as well as at international organisations (International Maritime Organization). She holds a PhD in Translation Studies and Interpreting from the University of Surrey. She has organised several events that attracted speakers from academic and industrial sectors with the aim to push the boundaries in the area of translation and language rights and accessibility and has directed several expert panels at prominent events in the UK and worldwide.

Dr Khadidja Merakchi

Course Design Consultant

Bayan is a qualified lawyer and legal consultant with a Master's degree in Law, specialized in International Criminal Law. She has worked as an International Trainer for more than 15 years with universities, institutes and centres in Jordan, Oman, Spain, Iraq, Turkey, and the UK. Bayan is a prominent expert in the area of specialised training, and has extensive experience, providing training in the area of Law, International Law, Leadership and Management, Diplomacy and Etiquette. She has gained wide knowledge and advanced skills working as a practicing lawyer and at different embassies in Jordan. She has given several TV interviews as an activist who fights for women’s rights and for social changes in the Arab World. Bayan is a public speaker and has organised and participated in several national and international conferences and social events.

Bayan Lasswy

General Training Director

Dr Razan Abbara

Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Razan is a Marketing and Public Relations Officer and a customer-oriented professional who is responsible for managing our communication campaigns and channels (including our website, social media, and press coverage) and our strategies, as well as promoting APC to customers in the UK and worldwide. She is the driving force behind APC’s public presentation, passionate about presenting our services to clients in a clear, appropriate and satisfying manner. Razan has an MSc in Microbiology and Immunology, and she is a PhD Researcher in Microbiology at Kingston University, London. Before embarking on her PhD studies, Razan worked at several universities in Syria, teaching UG and Master’s students. She currently supports and monitors research students at Kingston University.

Layan is a highly motivated and enthusiastic professional, with extensive experience working in the customer services sector in the UK. She has a unique approach to addressing customers’ requirements and concerns, supported by her wide knowledge dealing with customers on a daily basis for the last five years. Layan is your first point of contact who reports directly to the CEO (Khetam) and the General Director (Bayan). She makes sure that we offer you first-class high-quality services which are well-planned and executed so that your needs are fulfilled, and your expectations are met. Her communication and problem-solving skills and commitment to providing best services, following high standards and in a professional manner, will ensure your journey with APC to be successful and fruitful. Layan has an MSc in Public Health and a BA in Pharmacy.

Layan Alhamid

Personal Assistant to Dr Al Sharou

Customer Service Officer

With a diverse and impactful career in education, Murad is deeply committed to guiding and supporting leaners and students on their academic journeys. As an academic and technical advisor, he plays a crucial role in providing valuable guidance throughout the university application process and offer user support and gather feedback from users about website performance and functionality. Murad fosters communication networks with relevant academic organizations and resources. Beyond advisory responsibilities, Murad goes the extra mile, actively seeking scholarships aligned with students' academic aspirations. His dedication empowers young Syrians to achieve their educational goals. Presently, Murad Alhamwi serves as a passionate advocate for social justice. He holds the position of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Department Leader across whole Lancashire County, where he oversees and supervises 16 local authorities.

Murad Alhamwi

Academic and Technical Advisor

Dr Taysir is the International Student Officer responsible for university admission in the Middle East. He holds a PhD in Agricultural Engineering and possesses extensive experience in student affairs, along with a wide network of collaborators, including universities, to facilitate students' admission and monitor their studies. Dr Taysir's role involves communicating with prospective international students interested in enrolling at universities in the Middle East and providing them with necessary information regarding admission procedures and various academic programmes. Furthermore, he actively assists students in completing administrative procedures and the online application process for university admission. Dr Taysir also provides advisory support to students regarding academic requirements, accommodation, and living in the region. His dedication and expertise contribute significantly to making the university admission process seamless for international students, ensuring their smooth transition and academic success.

Dr Tayseer Musalam

University Liaison Officer

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