Al-Majd Pathways Centre (APC), based in London, is specialised in delivering a variety of services, ranging from professional training and educational services to translation and language solutions. “Al-Majd” is an Arabic-originating name that means “distinction”. The Centre identifies with the name “Al-Majd” as it strongly believes that “distinction” can be reached through education.

APC was founded to offer services and solutions to individuals who aspire to advance their educational and professional paths, as well as to businesses which are keen to expand into international markets.

Building on our extensive experience acquired over the years in the academic and professional spheres, providing consultation and implementing training courses in various fields, we decided to create this Centre to harness the skills, innovative ideas and best practices of our academic, commercial and research colleagues and team members to offer services in multiple fields and disciplines to entities and individuals in Britain and across the world.


APC was founded on the belief that each of us is a lifelong learner whose learning journey does not stop at a certain age whether our pursuit of knowledge is driven by personal or professional motivations.


Ensure excellence and high-quality services to enhance the development of individuals and institutions to the highest international standards.

Why choose Al-Majd Pathways Centre

  • Combines theory with practice,

  • Achieves leadership in specialised training, educational and language services, Possesses advanced and specialised expertise in various areas of study,

  • Believes in excellence, professionalism and internationalism as the centre to becoming a leader in the international arena,

  • Attracts clients from all over the world, especially European and Arabic-speaking countries,

  • Has extensive experience in the transfer of knowledge, and the enhancement of specialised skills,

  • Provides excellent high-quality services.

You can start your paths to success with us, benefitting from our outstanding solutions and unique educational and professional services to match your current needs and your future prospects and plans.

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